Informal High ISO Comparison: Panasonic GH3 vs Olympus OMD EM5 vs Olympus EP5

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Micro Four Thirds High ISO comparison (4 of 4)ISO 1251-30 sec at f - 5.6

Three of the best Micro Four Thirds cameras currently out on the market all have been noted to exhibit exceptional high ISO image quality. Those three cameras are the Panasonic GH3, Olympus OMD EM5, and the Olympus EP5. Statements around the web have claimed that the cameras have the same sensor, but the firmware inside of these cameras is really what helps to determine the final image quality as well.

And in a very quick and super informal test, we decided to put the three up against one another.

Gear Used

For this test we used the Olympus EP5, Panasonic GH3 an Olympus OMD EM5 with the Olympus 17mm f1.8 lens.


Using a tripod, we tried to capture the same scene with each camera. The cameras were set to ISO 6400, 1/15th and f1.8. All the cameras were shooting in RAW and the images were then brought into Adobe Lightroom 5, where they were then resized for the web and renamed.


Olympus EP5

Olympus EP5

Olympus OMD EM5

Olympus OMD EM5

Panasonic GH3

Panasonic GH3


Though the frame for each image is slightly off, it isn’t enough to lose too much detail when trying to compare the high ISOs. From what we’ve seen:

– The OMD EM5 retains the most detail in the shadows and overall throughout the image

– The EP5 has negligibly better high ISO performance than the other two cameras

– The Panasonic GH3 is negligibly worse than the other two

– The GH3 had the most accurate color representation

Of course, our findings may be different than yours.

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