Nikon Bans Film Images From Photography Contest


In an extremely controversial move, Nikon has recently decided that users will have to submit images created with only digital cameras for a current photo contest of theirs. In their call for entries, they specifically stated that anything that qualifies will include images that contain image data created with digital cameras. Further on, they specifically state that scans of film cameras won’t be accepted. Now for those of you less in the know, when you shoot an image with your old Nikon F6 SLR, then scan the image, the camera that comes up in the EXIF data is usually your scanner. There is unfortunately no real way to hack image data to say otherwise.

Two years ago, Nikon accepted film photos for their competition and in fact many folks who shoot film still end up winning lots of contests. The company stated that because the photography climate has changed so much, so too will the contest.

At least you can shoot your digital image and submit it using  film filter…right?

Won’t it be something if an iPhone photo won?

Editor’s Note: We didn’t realize that this was very old news and that the contest closed. It was just sent to us. We apologize; it’s been a long weekend of us trying to solve our current RSS problem.