FYI: If You’re Encountering Problems With Our Website on Flipboard or Tumblr…

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Flipboard Magazine (1 of 1)ISO 4001-50 sec at f - 4.5

Hey everyone,

We’ve received a bunch of emails complaining about problems with Flipboard. The problem is in regards to our feed not coming through and instead showing that we’ve been Sitelocked. The solution is to find the Gear symbol and clear your cache. And then refresh either our RSS feed or our Flipboard Magazine. If that doesn’t work, try it again.

If you’re having problems with our links on Tumblr for iOS, shut down the app, and restart it. That’s worked for us.

As some of you may also know, we’ve been removed from Flipboard’s Craft of Photography section. And we’re not pleased about it. In fact, we’re fighting it. We may provide them with a custom RSS feed that shows all our content.

We’re in communication right now with both Sitelock and Flipboard to try to fix the problems with reading our website, so please be patient. Trust us when we say that after our best traffic month yet, this is really annoying us.

Hang tight photogs. In the mean time, you’re best off checking out our site on the web.

-Chris Gampat