The Chinese Have Come Up With a Combined Wireless Flash Trigger and IR Camera Remote

Youtu GShot Yt21

The thing goes by the name GShot Yt21 and is made by a firm called Youtu. The clue about it is that it’s not only a wireless flash trigger, but also an IR remote for your Canon or Nikon camera. And on top of this, it’s also damned cheap, coming in at a mere US-$ 25 for a pair. The hard specs include a 200 m (650 ft) range, grouping capability (with a maximum of three groups), flash wake-up, and an operation frequency of 2.4 GHz. The GShot Yt21 runs on convenient AAA batteries and can both receive and transmit signals. According to SLR Lounge the GShot Yt21 is available via eBay, but we were unable to find it.