Instagram Will Soon Have The Same Shady Ads That Facebook Has

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Instagram App review (2 of 3)

Single folks might totally get me when they state that they don’t necessarily want to see some shady ad on the side of Facebook that states, “Date Christian Singles” or “Sign up for Optimum Triple Play.” Well guess what, it might come to Instagram soon.

It was bound to happen, right? According to a report from Techno Buffalo, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Instagram will soon have ads integrated into the platform. Yesterday during the company’s quarterly earnings call, the Zuck made it official that the ads will be coming in order to monetize the system.

With the amount of selfies on Instagram, who knows what they could advertise to you. People on there love their fashion and their animals–so maybe it could be tailored to those that need to stock up on IAMs dog chow.

Chris Gampat

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