This Facebook Ads Course Will Help Photographers Solve Their Facebook Woes

Professional photographers: Pay attention

Have you caught yourself thinking anything along the lines of ‘Facebook isn’t worth my time from a business perspective anymore’? It’s true, the Facebook game has changed, and the days of seemingly endless organic reach and customers are over. However, if you think that means you shouldn’t be utilizing Facebook for marketing and promoting your business then you are mistaken. Continue reading…

Tattered Women: Raising Awareness of The Way We Treat Models

All images by Jamiya Wilson. Used with permission. Lead image title: Internet Comments

Photographer Jamiya Wilson is a portrait and headshot photographer residing in New York City. He’s a Phoblographer Alumni and for a while helped out here with tutorials, reviews, etc before moving on to continue to build himself as an artist. Where most people who go through tough artistic slumps combined with a move to a big city that ultimately ends up squashing their dreams, Jamiya rose up.

Born in Jackson, MS, Jamiya was always inspired by visuals from animation to cinema. Eventually he obtained his B.S. in Film from Full Sail University, before furthering his studies in photography, obtaining his MFA from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Most recently, he finished a project called Tattered Women–which strives to search for meaning in various ads here in NYC.





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Lots of Power: The Story Behind Tenba’s Latest Camera Bag Campaign


Earlier on, we reported on the new advertising photos for Tenba’s new DNA messenger bags. In our most recent memory, we’re not sure that there have been any other totally hilarious camera bag ads out there–but Tenba decided to exercise something that true photographers do–creative freedom. So when we first reported on the camera bag ad launch, we just had to ask Product Manager Peter Waisnor about what happened behind the scenes and what made the entire thing happen.

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Weekend Humor: Instagrammers Are Creeped Out by the New Ad System

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Instagram App review (2 of 3)

Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t, ya rube.

You all thought you were safe with your feed, your likes, your followers, and your cats. Unfortunately for everyone and their #nofilter shenanigans, Darth Zuckerberg has made it clear that Instagram will now have those ads that hit a bit too close to home. For the six of you who don’t use Instagram, don’t worry about this, but for the rest of you, worry about this. The adocalypse is here, and readers sent us notes about weird happenings on their feed.

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Instagram Will Soon Have The Same Shady Ads That Facebook Has

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Instagram App review (2 of 3)

Single folks might totally get me when they state that they don’t necessarily want to see some shady ad on the side of Facebook that states, “Date Christian Singles” or “Sign up for Optimum Triple Play.” Well guess what, it might come to Instagram soon.

It was bound to happen, right? According to a report from Techno Buffalo, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Instagram will soon have ads integrated into the platform. Yesterday during the company’s quarterly earnings call, the Zuck made it official that the ads will be coming in order to monetize the system.

With the amount of selfies on Instagram, who knows what they could advertise to you. People on there love their fashion and their animals–so maybe it could be tailored to those that need to stock up on IAMs dog chow.

Canon China Makes Batman Spokesperson in Awesomely Bad Ad


Canon has chosen some interesting spokespeople over the past couple of years–Avril Lavigne, Maria Sharapova, etc. And now, it seems like they’re turning to the Dark Knight for their IXUS digital camera ads. In America, we call these the ELPH series of cameras. The commercial after the jump is pretty hysterical as it takes scenes from the Dark Knight series of movies and then has the point and shoot come out of Batman’s belt to take some images perhaps clearly taken with a DSLR instead. Even funnier: some of the images are of NYC–therefore proving that Gotham is actually based on the Big Apple.

Take a look at the video after the jump, and then laugh.

Via Canon Watch

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Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe it’s…Photoshop? L’Oreal Pulls Certain Ads


According to Business Insider, L’Oreal is pulling a couple of ads due to excessive photoshopping. This decision came from an internal audit and from rival Cover Girl–who claimed the ads were misleading. As you can see from one of them above, they probably really are–but I believe that most Americans are smart enough to understand the play on the designs, right? I can’t imagine a Bride saying to herself, “Oh! I want to have cat eyes for my wedding so that my photographer will capture me at my most exotic. So I’ll use Maybelline and my fiance will never be able to resist me!”

Either way, there has been a backlash against retouching in general in the mainstream media for a while; and some of it has been coming from Dove. Israel has also stated that all ads with photoshop applied must clearly state that the model has been digitally manipulated. And it really makes me wonder if politician will spend more time worrying about what retouchers do than trying to fix the world’s current economic crisis.

Five Racy Camera Ads That Remind Me That I’m Single

No, this isn’t one of them.

Let’s admit it: our society is one that loves to objectify people/things for the sake of revenue. It’s a proven tactic—and it’s worked. Plus, there is something just so alluring about photographers: with our big lenses and all. One of the staples of marketing is appealing to a human need. In this case, it’s the primal instinct to reproduce and have pleasure. These ads tend to stay in the back of one’s mind and in today’s viral society promotes a spread that is almost uncontrollable. This is an ode to some of those ads as well as a bit of an analysis and a history.

Editor’s Warning: Some of these ads may be a bit NSFW. Please exercise caution.

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