Using Your Camera During a Flight May Soon no Longer be a No-No

Felix Esser The Phoblographer Plane Wing

In the past, using your stills or video camera–or any other electronic device–during a flight was generally a no-no. Not that that would’ve kept people from taking pictures of the cloud cover below them, or video footage of the takeoff. But by doing so you were always at risk of clashing with the flight staff. Now, however, the Wall Street Journal reports that the FAA is going to relax the regulations, making the use of most electronic devices possible during a flight. Mobile phones might still stay off limits, but it seems that it is commonly accepted now that by turning on a digital camera, a plane is not being caused to crash. Well, that’s it then. Expect to see tons more of badly executed pictures including half of a plane’s wing, a bit of sky and lots of flare induced by the sun on flickr and Instagram soon.

Via The Verge