Facebook Now Lets You Post Photos in Comments; Just like 4Chan

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Get ready for Facebook to suddenly become and embrace the bowels of the internet. Read the comments of friends and hysterical pages that you follow on Facebook and you’ll see some serious trolling and general internet behavior that will make you sigh. But now, Facebook is allowing users to put images in the comments–so when you talk about how awesome that BLT sammich was, expect someone to respond back with a, “Cool Story Bro” meme image. Typically, this behavior was reserved for 4Chan–a place where people with self-respect rarely go to on the internet.

In order to do this, you’ll need to click, “comment” for a status where a camera image will appear on the right. Click that, upload the image, and you’ll be all set.

Via Petapixel

Chris Gampat

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