Piccure is a Photoshop Plug-In for Photographers With Shaky Hands


Blurry photographs–we all know them. We’ve all had them occur to us one time or another. And while we probably all agree that in theory they shouldn’t happen–because you’re either using a tripod or choosing a shutter speed that is fast enough to prevent shake-induced blur–, we still end up with blurry shots every now and then. But there is hope yet! Intelligent Imaging Solutions has developed a Photoshop plug-in that uses a sophisticated algorithm to un-blur your blurred shots. Yes, that’s right. Run your ‘lost’ pictures through piccure, and it’ll do its best to salvage the shots. So no more worrying about shaky hands or low shutterspeeds. And if you accidentally left your tripod at home, don’t sweat it.

The software is available as a Photoshop Elements plug-in for US-$ 49 (without multi-core support), and as a Photoshop plug-in for US-$ 99. But in all honestly–we wouldn’t recommend that kind of sloppiness to any professional photographer out there. While piccure does an amazing job, the results are far from what one can sell to a client. So better make sure you don’t take blurred shots in the first place. There’s no plug-in for proper shooting technique thus far.