Profoto Lights and Phase One DSLRs Now Have TTL Integration With One Another


One of the drawbacks of studio lights (if you want to call it a drawback) is that there is no TTL integration to make metering easier. For that reason, many studio lights are reserved for those that want to get serious about their lighting. If you’re a Profoto Air-Remote light user and/or a Phase One DSLR user, you’re in luck today. The two companies are announcing a type of TTL system using the Capture One Pro software.

If the photographer is using a Phase One DSLR with Profoto lights and is tethered to a computer with Capture One Pro open and running, then any aperture changes or ISO changes made to the camera will automatically adjust the light intensity. For example, if you’re shooting at f8 and open up to f5.6, then the light will automatically adjust itself based on your changes and the camera’s meter reading. This is because Capture One Pro can also wirelessly control Profoto lights that have air-remote control.

Sorry PocketWizard users, but you’re out of luck in this case. The update is available for free download from the Capture One Pro website.

Chris Gampat

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