So You Want to Learn More About Lighting…


This week, creativeLive is doing their Lighting Toolkit workshop series. During the workshops, we’ll be sponsoring the giveaway of a pair of PocketWizard Plus X triggers and we’ll also be sharing a couple of resources with you later on this week that are exclusive to Phoblographer readers. We’ll be showing you an interview with photographer Rick Friedman and course clips from Lindsay Adler’s sessions.

Hit the jump for even more info from creativeLive themselves.

Five Lighting Professionals. Five free workshops. Five full days. This week, our friends over at creativeLIVE will host their first ever Lighting Toolkit event — a series of courses dedicated to exploring lighting theory, as well as the techniques and methods used to capture world-class photographs. Guided by a different award-winning photographer each day, you’ll learn fashion lighting essentials, photojournalism, reverse-engineering setups, flash techniques, and more. Here’s the lineup:

June 12: Creative Studio Lighting with Lindsay Adler: Lindsay will introduce you to the basics of studio lighting and show you how to weave in your own creative touch to the shoot. Along the way, you’ll explore unusual light modifiers, crafty ways for working with limited gear, tips for ensuring that light is flattering, and more!

June 13: Quick Location Lighting with Rick Friedman: During his course, Rick will share the techniques he’s learned during his three decades of shooting presidents, scientists, and the world’s brightest innovators. You’ll master doing more with less equipment, finding the light in a wide variety of settings, lighting locations quickly, and more.

June 14: Speedlights with Roberto Valenzuela: Speedlights are an effective way to precisely control flare and create glow. Roberto will unveil his step-by-step formulas for creating the perfect scene and share his “go to ” settings.

June 15: Natural Light Control with Tony Corbell: Tony will guide you through the basics of light quality, quantity, and direction. His unique methods will resonate with amateurs, seasoned professionals, and everyone in between.

June 16: Hack Your Light with Chuck Arlund: On location, in the studio and everywhere in-between, Chuck is going to showcase his skills capturing amazing images using a wide variety of lighting techniques.

During the event, you can win some amazing prizes like a think TANK Photo Retrospective Camera Bag, Rogue portrait lighting kit, Westcott Parabolic Umbrella 20×24, copies of Resource Magazine and a Pocket Wizard Plus X courtesy of us!