This Jaw-Dropping Aerial Video of ‘Battleship Island’ Was Taken with a Sony Action Cam

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Hashima Island, sometimes called Gunkanjima (“Battleship Island”), is a deserted Island nine miles outside of Nagasaki, Japan. The ruins covering the island were originally housing over 5,000 people, consisting of coal miners and their families, until the business went downhill and eventually the last inhabitants left in 1974. In a matter of only forty years, nature claimed back most of the island and turned the human-erected construcions into a dystopian vision of a deserted future world.

The island was first revisited by journalists in 2005, and has since gained much attention by media worldwide. Some speculate that the island that serves as the basis of the villain in the latest James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ was modeled after Gunkanjima. While the island is theoretically accessible, the buildings are fragile and in a state of imminent collapse. The only safe way to create footage of the island is by sending in a camera-equipped drone, which is what the guys from Sony have done using their Action Cam. For some jaw-dropping views of the deserted and slowly decaying island, watch the video below.

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