Chicago Newspaper Guild Holds Rally to ‘Save the Chicago Sun-Times Photographers’

Save the Chicago Sun-Times Photographers Rally AnnouncementWhen the Chicago Sun-Times announced that they sacked their whole team of photographers, the media world went abuzz. For the first time in newspaper history, a publication would lay off their entire photographer staff. What made the whole thing not only much more outrageous, but also gave it an bitterly ironic taste, was that the Sun-Times decided to equip their reporters with iPhones instead. If anyone needed any further proof that smartphone cameras are killing the photography business, here it is.

Since the Sun-Times didn’t change their opinion yet–despite the heavy critique they received from various sides–the Chicago Newspaper Guild decided to hold a rally to ‘Save the Chicago Sun-Times Photographers’ on Thursday, June 5th. The rally is scheduled for 8-9 a.m. and will take place right outside the Chicago Sun-Times building at 350 N. Orleans, Chicago, IL.

Via Jim Romenesko