The Leica S Medium Format DSLR Can Now Accept Contax 645 Lenses


How many of you know the story behind Contax? They were a Zeiss owned company and back in the days that medium format film cameras were in the hands of many professionals, lots of them dreamt about the Contax 645. It was a short lived system with some of the best lenses ever made for medium format cameras. Plus, they had autofocusing capabilities.

The great news that came in recently is that those lenses now won’t go to waste. They can be adapted onto the Leica S system using a brand new adapter. The new adapter will allow for both autofocusing and manual focusing, plus it will have an automatic aperture function (such as in shutter or program mode.) Even better–the adapter will recognize the lenses and assign the according EXIF data to them. Most of the Contax system lenses are supported.

Sounds pretty sweet, right? You can have all this for $1,950.

Via Leica Rumors

Chris Gampat

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