New CF Card Offers RAID Mode, Brings Extra Safety for Your Pictures

Amulet Wise Duo CF CardOne of the most important rules for any professional photographer is to always backup their pictures. While the loss of a single image may already mean the loss of a significant amount of money, the loss of a whole series might result in the loss of the job. The Japanese company Amulet now announced a new Compact Flash card that will automatically create backups on a second partition, thus operating as a virtual RAID drive. In standard mode, the card will record up to 64 GB of data, while in backup mode, it will record 32 GB, with each picture existing as an original and as a copy.

While this will not protect you from catastrophic hardware failure, it might still offer you that little bit more peace of mind while being out shooting. The Wise CF Card Duo will offer read/write speeds of up to 60/50 MB/sec, and will be available from June 14 in Japan, according to DC Watch. We have no idea whether it will hit overseas markets as well, but we sure hope so.