The Sony-Olympus Partnership is Coming to Bear Fruit

Olympus Lens Collection

Slowly, the new partnership between Sony and Olympus (which was formed in the aftermath of the Olympus accounting scandal) is coming to bear fruit. While Sony has been manufacturing the sensors for the latest Olympus Micro Four Thirds models for a while now, it is now very probable that Olympus is going to develop new lenses for Sony. Sony Alpha Rumors quotes a Google tranlated Japanese website as the source of an official statement from Olympus manager Hiroyuki Sasa, whereas The Amateur Photographer says Olympus officials have not yet confirmed the rumor.

However, considering that “mutual parts supply” has been part of the deal between Sony and Olympus, it is entirely possible that this is accurate, and Olympus will soon provide Sony with lenses. We can only hope so, as Olympus has been creating magnificent optics since back when they made the analog OM system.