Magic Lantern Figures Out How to Record 24P RAW CineDNG Video on the Canon 5D Mk III

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It’s here, finally! Magic Lantern announced previously that they found a CineDNG RAW Live View output on the Canon 5D Mk II and Mk III. However, they couldn’t record it for more than 10-12 frames per second at 1080p because the buffer was too large. They recently announced though that they figured out a way to do it at 1920 x 820–which is 2.35:1 aka anamorphic native on the 5D Mk III. Of course though, it helps to have a CF card at 1000x speed. Apparently from the post, 720p HD video is no real issue at all–but 1080p is. They can achieve 1928×902 recording for up to 700 frames before it stops; which equates to around just under 30 seconds of footage.

And from the samples that they’ve shown off, they really do seem to have that RED and Black Magic look to them. Unfortunately, after reading through their forums, it doesn’t seem like there is a solution for the Mk II yet. Take a look at two comparison videos after the jump.

Via No Film School


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