Parents Are Spending Loads of Cash on Senior Portraits Now

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According to the latest report from the Wall St. Journal: parents are dropping some serious dough on photoshoots for their child’s High School Senior Portraits. Senior portraits are essentially mini-fashion shoots as it is, and parents are playing for makeup artists, locations, etc. The article states that, “Most photographers charge a session fee to shoot the pictures and then sell packages combining prints, albums and digital copies.” This fact is extremely interesting as the Wedding business (which I came out of) started to move away from prints and albums.

And although the $2,200 price tag isn’t extremely high given what some New Yorkers are willing to pay for many things, it is quite high for the country overall for something like this. Then again, photographers are making money on some weird things like shooting someone’s vacation.

Aspiring portrait shooters that want to make some extra money may want to get into this after reading the article.