The New Trend: Being Someone’s Vacation Photographer

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Allie Hawkins is leading a brand new trend–becoming a vacation photographer. According to a news story by ABCNews, it’s being marketed by partially appealing that the entire family will always be in the photos instead of having a family member taking the photos. Yes–apparently too many people don’t know about the time delay function on their camera. The article further cites that social media is a big part of the trend. The inference that one can gather from the article is that people care about quality images and are actually willing to pay for them.

It seems like it can be profitable too as the article says, “For $175 a person, photographer Marc Samuels of Photo Trek tours, leads tourists on a private, 3-hour tour, taking photos along  the way.” So let’s do the math: the average American family comprises of a father, mother, daughter and son. $175 x 4 = $700 for three hours. But being a savvy photographer and business person, you’ll be able to figure out some sort of package deal for maybe a couple of days. And if you play your cards right, you can easily make more than many people do at their 9-5 / 40 hr a week day job.

Anyone going to London soon? 😉