Crankerator Will Make You Work For a Charge


Whether we are charging a cell phone or one of those fancy Sony cameras that charge over USB this will do the trick. When you need energy and you’re nowhere near civilization the Crankerator’s hand crank will allow you to keep going. No longer will camping in the wild hold you back from posting your “artsy” images with filters. Plug in your USB device of choice and show off your forearm strength to all your friends by cranking away at the handle. The battery inside the Crankerator holds 2000 mAH and will just about charge most phones. It can be found on Photojojo’s site for $60.

If you are interested in helping a start up company or saving money you can invest in the SOSChargers Kickstarter which has week left. The SOSCharger can be had for $35 but of course you have to wait for it to be developed and manufactured. I like having options so here I am presenting them.

Devices like the two of these are crucial for times when you may have a power outage or need emergency power. Money can’t buy the type of connivence that these could potentially offer, Hurricane Sandy comes to mind.