HolyManta Gives You a Universal ND Filter for Mirrorless Cameras

Videographers looking to hold a specific shutter speed for their videos find themselves using ND filters. These are either used in some sort of a matte box or simply owning various sizes for different lenses. HolyManta ND is looking to do what Sony couldn’t do with the FS100 and add ND filters into your camera. The product is essentially mounts in between the lens and camera body like a traditional lens adapter would and has the ability to switch through various strength ND filters and polarizers. The lens mounts that will be available once production begins will be both E-mount and Micro Four Thirds. This is a big deal because these two mounts cover many professional video cameras including the brand new Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.

The above video demonstrates the HolyMantra ND showing off video recorded with the product as well detailed information about the project. Thomas Läräng is the products creator and he is looking to get it developed once funding is complete. He is asking for a $200 donation and with that you will be one of the first people to receive a HolyMantra HD. Once fundraising is complete the product will be sold for $280 so make the jump if you’re interested.