Bing’s Image Search Now Has Pinterest Integration: What Does it Mean for Photographers?

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In an announcement made by Microsoft recently, those who use Bing’s Image Search will be able to directly pin an image to their Pinterest boards. Specifically, the company stated that these are some of the benefits of them making this move:

  • Simple and Lightweight: There’s no need to install another bookmarklet in your browser, one click and you’re good to go.
  • Link to Original Content: Bing automatically links and gives proper attribution to the original, high-resolution source, saving you the hassle of tracking it down yourself.
  • Powerful Search Tools: Take advantage of the full breadth of Bing image search tools like sorting and filtering by size, color, layout, and more. You can even do image search within a specific website, for example, see all “summer dresses” on

In terms of how users actually use Pinterest though, this is quite a confusing move. People love to browse the social sharing site’s categories freely to discover random things. And in general, if someone is looking for a brand new recipe, they’re bound to head to a website first and then pin the page if they digg the content. But it’s not quite clear if Bing is cutting out the websites here by only linking to an image–which in essence is just a page.

Even further: what does this mean for photographers? For images on a photographer’s blog, the service will just pin the image page and not the blog post. But if there is a specific image on your site, then that will get pinned–in which case it’s more understandable. However, it also means that someone doesn’t necessarily have to visit your website to find and share your images–which means that you don’t get some of that good ol’ link juice that they talk about in marketing courses.

How do you feel about this?