Five Mad Men Inspired Photo Shoots Done Right


Tonight is the Mad Men Season Premiere for season six. Are you excited? I know I am! We’ve been scouring the web in search of some of the best Mad Men inspired photo shoots and rounded up a bunch of them that we think you’ll really want to raise a glass to. There’s quite a bit of it out there, but some of it stands out even more than the rest.

Here’s our selection of some of the best shoots in honor of tonight’s episode.

All images in this post used with permissions from their creators

Holly Willoughby’s Latest Fashion Line

Holly Willoughby

We don’t really know too much about Holly, but in order to launch one of her fashion lines, she decided to go with a Mad Men inspired fashion shoot. And for the most part, she nailed it quite well. The overall mixture of the patterns, color schemes, and the set design all incorporates elements that harken back to the 1960s and looks like something any of the show’s women would wear. Despite this, it has to be one of the better attempts at getting all the nuances right.

Via the Huffington Post

Sarah Anne Ward’s Mad Men Inspired Cocktails


Image shot by Sarah Anne Ward

Not long ago, we were able to feast our thirsty eyes on one very Mad Men inspired cocktail. Sarah is an amateur mixologist and cocktail enthusiast so she began collecting classic glassware to create these vintage cocktails. The project isn’t over either–but if you really pay that much attention to the details, these images really look like the drinks could be in the hands of Don or Joan.

Via Feature Shoot

Happy Confetti’s Photography’s Mad Men Inspired Engagement Shoot


Image by Happy Confetti

Fresh in Love (now apparently renamed as Happy Confetti) seemed to take a bit of inspiration from the Mad Men series for this vintage inspired engagement shoot. Melissa, the genius behind the company, not only was able to render the images with a nice soft look to them, but also nailed the details of a vintage suburban look. The scenes look very similar to the episode in season 3 where Roger’s daughter gets married–sans the large backyard and well manicured lawn.

Either way, it has all the elements of a small and more casual summer wedding and is very much worth the look.

Via the Knotty Bride

Morgan Trinker’s Mad Men/1960’s Inspired Engagement Shoot


Image by Morgan Trinker

Despite the fact that Mad Men takes place in NYC, this shoot from Morgan Trinker done in California still has lots of elements that harken back to the show–and once again it is all in the details. The shoot and location was all inspired by the 1960s and there are many wardrobe changes with lots of different 1960s-esque activities.  And the kicker is the fact that the house looks very similar to Don and Megan’s high rise apartment.

Brides–head on a little past the half way mark because you’ll want to pin that turquoise dress to your fashion boards on Pinterest.

U Me US Studio’s Mad Men Inspired Engagement Shoot



Image by U Me Us Studios

Does this scene look familiar to you? If you’re a fan of the show it surely should–this looks almost just like the office of Sterling Cooper Draper Price. U Me Us Studio shot this Mad Men inspired engagement shoot last year, and unlike the show, lots of the lovin’ didn’t happen in the office. Shot in San Francisco Las Vegas, the entire session gets it all perfect right down to the hairstyles, the body language, and the drinking/smoking in hotel rooms. I can just imagine the groom being Pete Campbell–if he were a good guy.

Have a look for yourself.

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