Sony Announces Two New Apps, One Awesome and One Very Meh

Sony Apps

So for those of you who own a Sony NEX-5R or 6 there are a couple of new apps available for download. The first app is Motion Shot and it is used to capture a series of images superimposed together to show a sequence. The app will allow you to adjust the space between the images, choose the first and last of the sequence, fade in / out, picture effects, layering direction and the amount of layering images. Motion shop appears to only save in medium and small sizes while large is not supported along with object tracking. More information can be found on the apps website and will be available for $5.

Light Shaft is the second app and the examples on Sony’s website just make it look corny and awful. The app actually redeems itself in the demo video below. Essentially the app allows you to create a light burst in the form of a ray, star, flare or beam. I would have created an app that was higher in demand but in certain circumstances I have used a similar app on my phone and it has worked marvels. The app supports large image size as well as effects. You can read more about Light Shaft on Sony’s site and it will also be available for $5.

The two demo videos can be found after the break.


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