It Appears The Future of Nikon’s Capture NX Software is Undetermined

nik google

Just in case you had no idea the company who makes those fantastic Plugins also makes Nikons Capture NX software. That company is Nik and they were bought out by Google not too long ago. Just the other day Google showed off their new branding and pricing for their newly acquired company but didn’t let out a peep about Capture NX. Nikon has been working with Nik for some time now and even know their names are close they’ve have only been partners in software and nothing else. Someone reached out to Nikon Rumors after the announcement and it seems that development isn’t going to continue on a future version of Capture NX.

Now nothing has been made public or official about the future of Capture NX but we will have to assume there are delays up ahead for future versions. This is all hearsay for the most part anyway, some reports online state that Nik hasn’t done too much in the overall development but I’ve heard different during my time spent working closely with the company.

In the end it’s not a huge deal breaker, there are only a few people who actually use that software and depend on it.