It’s Time to Mourn the Loss of Fujifilm’s Motion Picture Film


Today is a day thats been a long time coming now, back in September Fuji released a statement saying that they are planning to cease film production and today was that day. Let it be known that on the second of April 2013 Fuji has announced that they are bringing all of their motion picture films to a halt. Fuji will continue to sell motion picture film as long as they have stock to sell but I’m sure it won’t be around for long.

I know a lot of you understand what this means for the industry as a whole and those of you who don’t will soon find out. Announcements like these along with the price hikes on consumer films is making it a really stressful time for those of us who believe in film. Kodak is still making motion picture film and they should be coming out of bankruptcy this year. Hopefully the current generation of film lovers can keep it alive long enough for the next one to enjoy it.