Digital Tintypes Will Make Your Grandmother Jealous


One of these days I will get one of these done, I almost stopped at Photobooth in San Francisco to get my mug on a tintype. For those of us without a hipster wet plate photo booth there’s always Digital Tintypes. The company announced on the first of the month that they will be taking orders for people to send in their images to get processed early 1900s style. Now this isn’t some cheap Instagram filtered image slapped on some metal, they are actually practicing the original practice so your image will be as authentic as possible.

The company is offering three sizes from the 2.5″x2.5″ square tintype for $35, 1″x1″ necklace pendant for $85 or a 5″x7″ for $115. More information on the process and the company can be found on their website. This is the companies newest ecommerce venture after being in the restoration process for almost 15 years. A big thanks to BelieveInFilm for finding and publishing the news. News like this is always welcome after a swell of bad film news the last few days.