Phottix’s 16″ Multi-Boom Will Make Tilting Your Softbox Simpler



Phottix has been known to make some very cool things. We reviewed their Odin TTL triggers a while ago and fell in love with them. But recently, they announced their new Multi-Boom which mounts in a standard umbrella swivel, holds two flashes on axis with the umbrella shaft, and allows the softbox to be tilted. Cool! No more need for an assistant or an intern–at it at least can make their job easier at some points.

This item seems like it would best be used with a Westcott Apollo Orb and also specifically for speedlites–which means that those crazy enough to put a monolight in there with the battery pack hanging off (just sayin’) will need to wait for another option. However, the 180 degree tilting sure does seem like a new feature. Plus the unit is made of all metal–which is interesting as Carbon Fiber might have been a lighter yet durable option.

The Multi-Boom flash bracket kit will sell for $69.99 on the Phottix store.