Toddy Gear Launches The Toddography Line of Smart Cleaning Cloths

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Ever heard of Toddy Gear? Don’t worry, we haven’t either–but today they’re announcing their latest line of smart clothes used for cleaning phones, screens and other shiny thingers because we all have loads of them in our lives thanks to Steve Jobs. The new Toddography line is targeted at people who love to wear their love of photography and cameras in the pants–with the new cloth designs that is. These designer microfiber cloths are meant to tackle dirt, dust and smudges from iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android devices, tablets, even eyeglasses or camera lenses. Plus they have an antimicrobial coating and are machine washable if you’re a germophobe.

The Exposed, Composition, and Darkroom cloths are now available for purchase at the according links.

Just remember that Nikon recommends to not get your halitosis on your lenses.

Chris Gampat

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