Cheetah Stand Cheetah Light 360 May Be the Perfect Fusion of Speedlite and Monolight


According to Lighting Rumors, there is a brand new flash incoming that may totally change the way that location shooting is done. Many photographers value their monolights–myself included. But speedlites are just so small and simple to use. When someone typically wanted more power in a smaller package, they went with a Quantum light. However, CheetahStand (known as another name internationally) has been around for a couple of years now and have been selling the CL-180 to wedding and portrait photographers. It’s a significantly more affordable option to anything made by Quantum, and they are also based right here in the USA.

Now here’s the kicker–according to Photography on the Net, they’re going to be coming out with a CL-360. Judging from the naming convention, we can expect it to have around 360 watt seconds of power. That’s around the power of an Impact LiteTrek monolight but in a significantly smaller package. Granted, studio strobes work in a different way than speedlites.

It’s predecessor, the Cheetah Light 180 features a 153 watt second output–which is essentially a little under twice the power of your typical speedlite from Canon, Nikon or Sony. Plus it comes with a battery pack and radio transmitter packaged if you want. Check out a video of the system in action. But for lighting geeks, this is probably one of the most exciting announcements in a long time.

Via Lighting Rumors



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