120 Pinhole Project Allows You to Build Your Medium Format Camera

120 Pinhole Project

I love DIY but sadly am too lazy to do it most of the time. Kelly Angood is a photographer out of the UK and some time ago she built a 35mm camera. This camera was featured on many tech blogs which was then followed by countless emails asking for instructions on how to build their own. This popularity spurred her to create a kit.

The camera kit is going to be 120 format medium format film instead of the original 35mm design. There appears to be no information on what specs or features the camera will have. She states that there will be an instructional video but no other specific information is available. The 120 project if successful will be delivered as a flat pack so that you can cut out and build your camera.

The final kit is now complete and Kelly is looking for your help on Kickstarter. She is also keeping a diary of the project on her Tumblr.