Duclos Lenses Wants to Modify Your Rokinon Lenses for a Unique Cinema Look

Rokinon RAW

Matthew Duclos wants to rework existing Rokinon lens to give them more character instead of a clean look. Believe it or not a lot of DSLR video shooters prefer old lenses for certain projects. They choose these old dogs because the glass has flaws which give the video a unique out of the box look and character.

Duclos has created a process that basically flaws the pristine glass by modifying different elements. He will take a polishing formula and remove anti-reflective coating from specific surfaces of key elements. Doing so dulls down the sharpness a bit but they will still have plenty of clarity. This process will also introduce light flares and change the way the lens responds to direct light.

A price is not yet available but Duclos Lenses will be offering a set of lenses in a box as well as the ability to send your lenses in to be modified. Since Rokinon is the same as Samyang and Bower the same go for theses lenses as well. Usually people buy cine lenses for a consistent look between focal lengths but this isn’t the audience for the Rokinon RAW lenses. Read more from the man himself here.