Birties Bowties Kickstarter Will Print Anything (Even Cameras) On Your Own Custom Made Bowtie


There are lots of photography related swag and fashion pieces out there, but one of the latest comes from a new Kickstarter called Birties. They’re aiming to manufacture custom made bowties, like the special Canon AE-1 version up above. Bowties overall though have made a comeback with the surge in hipster culture, and they’re just overall quite fun. If you want, you can custom print one of your favorite photos on there or your company’s logo on them (and consider it to be fun advertising when you’re wedding season becomes super busy.)

The Kickstarter needs a total of $2,000 to get its feet off the ground; and then Pentax fans can proudly wear their K-5 II around their neck so we all know who they are 😉 Head over to their page and check out their pretty funny video.