Impact Lighting Features New Series of Affordable Mini Slave Flashes; Look Like Out of a 60’s Sci-Fi Production

Impact Dome Slave Flash

If you want to take your flash photography one step further, the next thing to get is a secondary slave unit that fires off simultaneously with your main flash. Why? Because a single flash unit often won’t suffice to illuminate a whole scene. However, since a good speedlight easily sets you back $100 plus, you may not want to shell out that money right away. That’s okay, though, because Impact lighting is now featuring a new series of slave flashes that come in at less than $30 each.

Impact Hotshoe Mounted Slave Flash

Manufacturer Impact has given strobists a choice of three models with two variations each. The smallest and cheapest of the bunch–the SF-DTW24–is a dome like mini flash that can be set up to fire away at the ceiling and a 180° radius around itself, or can be tilted 45° to direct its output at a room corner or more directly at the subject. The SF-DSXN40 and 70 models looks like old Minox spy cameras and come with their own stand as well as a hot shoe mount. And finally, the models SF-AE56 and 80 can be screwed into a standard household lamp fixture or E26 socket. Yes, you can mount them to your lamp on the ceiling and have them fire off simultaneously with you master unit.

Impact E26 Fixture Slave Flash

The SF-AE56 and 80 units are powered by the fixture they’re scewed into, while the other units run on regular AA batteries. These awesome little slave flashes are available now at B&H Photo and retail for prices ranging between US-$ 16.95 and US-$ 27.95. Now there isn’t really any reason not to get a secondary slave flash unit, is there?

Via LighingRumours

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