Even New York City Restaurants Are Sick of Your Crappy Food Photos

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This news has been going around for the past couple of days, but it seems just so ridiculous. The NYTimes reported on certain restaurants in NYC not wanting their customers to take photos of their food. The article specifically cites Momofuko Ko amongst others, where the chef will come out and say, “No photos allowed.” What seems to be misconstrued on the net so far though is that this is mostly pertaining to high end restaurants–specifically citing that it annoys the people around them.


However, there are some restaurants that are totally accommodating. Amazingly if you read the start of the article, you’ll run into this little tidbit:

“‘We’ll say, ‘That shot will look so much better on the marble table in our kitchen,’ ” Mr. Bouley said. “It’s like, here’s the sauce, here’s the plate. Snap it. We make it like an adventure for them instead of telling them no.””

That man is my spirit animal…Further on in the article it seems that even 3rd Ward (a creative school/studio a couple of blocks from my apartment) has even offered iPhoneography classes to teach people to create better photos. As a former employee of B&H Photo, I can tell you that sometimes you end up just preaching to the choir. What I don’t understand is why they’re trying to teach people to not use flash vs teaching them how to use flash properly.

Alright, I admit it. I love taking photos of my food and having my friends heart them on Instagram. When I go into meetings with camera company reps that I’m friends with on Facebook they always tell me how good I eat. But banning these photos? How about I don’t promote your restaurant via social media instead? It’s not like I’m in Times Square (where we NYers quarantine our tourists) doing selfies with my girlfriend with the naked cowboy.

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