The Dust Donut Goes Right To Your Lens’s Hips–Protects Your Camera From the Weather


Ever wanted to weather seal your lens/camera? Well, an absolutely genius, but incredibly simple, Kickstarter wants to help you do just that. The Dust Donut was designed to provide the extra sealing that goes between your camera and lens: this is the same sealing that many Canon and Nikon owners will be all far too familiar with. In my years as a wedding photographer, I also learned that this weather sealing helps to keep the sound of your camera’s shutter down, which is a nice added bonus.

The Kickstarter claims that this will help to prevent dust and debris from reaching your camera’s sensor; but we’d like to add that you’ll need to practice good habits still. I took a weather sealed lens out during Hurricane Sandy; and the lens survived quite well while my 5D Mk II took a bit of a beating. The camera is coined as weather resistant though; so if you’re going to get this item then make sure that your camera is weather sealed first.

The project is initially coming out for Canon, but donators can be put on the priority list for when the seal becomes available for other mounts. We encourage you to check out this really awesome idea.