Sony’s New Cybershot Cameras Perform Virtual Cosmetic Surgery On Your Pimply Face


Today Sony has announced five new cybershot point and shoot cameras. Sony is focussing on several key improvements overall for the entire line such as less blur under lowlight shooting, steadier shooting and faster auto focus while zoomed in, improved intelligent flash which raises exposure while using flash so the scene is evenly exposed. I’m not sure it deserves a mention but they are also upgrading their skin smoothing features of the camera and now calling it “virtual cosmetic surgery”. This surgery software can do teeth, skin, remove shine, eyes and whiten teeth–and they say the effects make it look more natural than before.

Only one camera out of the mix can do 1080p, has Wi-Fi and a CMOS sensor. All of the other cameras are limited to 720p and CCD sensors although one of these cameras is a neat rugged camera which may be a great compliment to someones kit. Here’s what you’re looking at in a brief snapshot.


Sony DSC-H200

DSC-H200_Front_jpg DSC-H200_Rear_jpg

First off the bench is the DSC-H200 and it is the camera with a 26x optical zoom. The camera has a 20.1mp CCD sensor and a wide 22.3mm lens which will be nice with the cameras Sweep Panorama functionality. For lowlight shooting the camera has built in steady shot and a high ISO sensitivity up to 3200. Sadly this camera only has 720p video but makes sense as an affordable zoom camera priced at $249 and will ship at the end of this month.


Sony DSC-WX80

DSC-WX80_Black_Front_jpg DSC-WX80_Black_Rear_jpg

The DSC-WX80 is Sony’s new entry level CMOS camera with a 16.2mp sensor. The camera is quite a feature packed as an entry level camera with a very high ISO sensitivity of 12,800, 10fps burst shooting, 25mm wide lens and 8x optical zoom. This is the only new point and shoot camera from Sony at this time with a CMOS sensor. On top of the other features it does full 1080p and has built in Wi-Fi for sharing or using with their PlayMemories mobile app. This entry level camera will be priced at $199 and will also ship at the end of this month.

Sony DSC-W730

DSC-W730_Silver_Front_jpg DSC-W730_Silver_Rear_jpg

Here is the DSC-W730 and is a camera that comes with what Sony calls “step-up camera” features. I am not sure what these are but it does with a Zeiss lens. The camera will come with a 16.1mp CCD sensor, 25mm wide angle lens, 8x optical zoom with the ability to do 57x VGA Smart Zoom. The camera does a casual 1fps burst mode and will run you $139 when it ships at the beginning of this month.

 Sony DSC-W710

DSC-W710_Black_Front_jpg DSC-W710_Pink_Rear_jpg

The W710 is the most affordable entry level point and shoot camera being announced at CES for Sony. The camera has the typical 16.1mp CCD sensor, 5x optical zoom and can shoot up to ISO 3200. This camera also packs in a VGA 36x Smart Zoom for its cheap price of $99. The camera will ship at the beginning of this month.

Sony DSC-TF1




Now it time to snap out of your snooze fest and take a peak at Sony’s new rugged camera. The TF1 is almost identical to all of the other cameras specs but it a lot tougher. The camera will take 16.1mp photos with its 4x optical zoom 25mm wide lens. The cameras ruggedness is judged by how much of a beating it can take and keep ticking. The camera is waterproof down to 33 feet, shockproof up to 5 feet, dustproof, and freeze proof down to 14F (-10C). The camera is priced aggressively against its Nikon and Canon competitors at $199 shipping early this month.

Sony will also be selling a silicone jacket for the camera called the LCJ-THG which offers a full cover of all the important bits, it also adds a hook attachment to clip it onto your person. The case comes in a teal, pink and black for $12.99 and will be in stores in February.

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