Sony’s New Cybershot Cameras Perform Virtual Cosmetic Surgery On Your Pimply Face


Today Sony has announced five new cybershot point and shoot cameras. Sony is focussing on several key improvements overall for the entire line such as less blur under lowlight shooting, steadier shooting and faster auto focus while zoomed in, improved intelligent flash which raises exposure while using flash so the scene is evenly exposed. I’m not sure it deserves a mention but they are also upgrading their skin smoothing features of the camera and now calling it “virtual cosmetic surgery”. This surgery software can do teeth, skin, remove shine, eyes and whiten teeth–and they say the effects make it look more natural than before.

Only one camera out of the mix can do 1080p, has Wi-Fi and a CMOS sensor. All of the other cameras are limited to 720p and CCD sensors although one of these cameras is a neat rugged camera which may be a great compliment to someones kit. Here’s what you’re looking at in a brief snapshot.


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