Eye-Fi Appears to Be Getting Into the Photo Management Business with Circ

Google Alerts tipped me off to something interesting today. Eye-fi, the company known for the world’s first Wifi enabled SD card before Wifi in cameras was the cool thing to do, is apparently launching a new photo management software. Seemingly coined Circ, the service hints at being able to manage all of your photos cross platform in a fashion similar to iCloud, Dropbox, Sony Play Memories, or Google Drive.

Based on the symbols at the bottom of the screen, it seems that users will be able to sync their photos, organize them, view them, share them and keep them in the cloud. See that symbol on the bottom right though in Keep? It looks oddly familiar; like 500PX familiar. This will be a great addition for current Eye-Fi users. But on a personal level, it has me wondering if Eye-Fi’s game could be over with the likes of Samsung’s mirrorless cameras and Canon’s 6D entering the WiFi game. Indeed, we were impressed by the Canon 6D’s wifi tethering abilities.