Q+A On the Lomography Belair X 6-12 Camera and Lenses

We posted on the new Lomography Belair X 6-12 Folder medium format camera the other day when it was announced, but we had some questions on a few specifics that were not fully explained in the press release. Of course, being the wonderfully inquisitive people that our readers are, we fired off a few questions that were raised to our contacts at the Lomography and wanted to share the responses with you folks. Here’s a few of them for your informational pleasure:


ThePhoblographer.com: So I guess it has just 2 settings for aperture: 8 or 16. But something looks weird: Why there’s a cloud symbol on f16 and and “sunny” symbol on f8? Shouldn’t that be the other way around?

Lomography: Thank you for pointing that out! Actually those cameras were early samples; the mistake has been noticed and will be fixed on the final products.

PB: Where is the light meter?

L: It is located on the front lens board, next to the ISO setting wheel.

PB: Is this a leaf shutter camera?

L: Yes it is

PB: The inspiration seems to have come from Polaroid Land Cameras and Voigtlander/Zeiss Medium format cameras; how did the idea for the camera come about and who is it really targeted towards? It seems like studio shooters from the sample photos.

L: We wanted to design a 6×12 panoramic 120 folding camera with interchangeable lens system, zone focusing, simple outlook and operation.This affordable medium format camera is geared towards amateur and professional photographers interested in experimenting with a new camera featuring automatic shutter settings, exchangeable high-quality lenses and a bulb setting for beautiful long exposures and multiple exposures.

PB: Tell us about the lenses; optically, what about them makes them so sharp?

L: We take advantage of aspherical plastic optic to create 2 ultra-compact lenses: wide angle lens (90mm) and ultra wide angle lens (58mm) and pushed the possibility of the aspherical plastic optic to the limit.

PB: I’ve read conflicting information on the Lomo site; are the lenses made of glass or plastic?

L: It is made of plastic (we plan to introduce a Belair glass lens as well).

PB: Why only 1/125th max shutter speed?

L: We can now only achieve 1/125. however it’s not a slow shutter speed for such a large opening leaf shutter compared to similar leaf shutter cameras.

PB: Will the hot shoe sync with strobes? Or pocketwizards?

L: Yes, the hot shoe will sync with all studio flashes and also the pocketwizard (with all x-sync flash and transmitters).

PB: What lens mount is this? Is it a unique Belair Lens mount? Is it possible to adapt other lenses onto the camera?

L: It is a unique Belair lens mount.

Well there it is guys, a few more questions answered on this new wundercamera and even more reasons to love this photographic oddity. Be looking to see more right here on this camera as we get closer to the release and for a full review when we finally get our hands on one of these little beauties!

(Image Via Lomography.com)

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