David Brommer: Is the DSLR Dead?

A good friend of the Phoblographer’s and long time photographer of the goth/punk/metal scene, David Brommer asks this question. Are DSLRs really dead? Trey Ratcliffe predicted and stated it a while ago; and our Reviews Editor Andy Hendriksen sold everything for the Olympus OMD. Even I’m down to only my 5D Mk II with a Fujifilm X Pro 1 and Olympus OMD EM5 myself.

In his post, David characterizes and breaks down the different types of photographers from his years of experience in the industry at not only B&H Photo, but other places as well. Then he goes on to break it down even further.

We recently saw Popular Science asking the same thing.

Personally: I believe that any DSLR made from now on needs to be full frame. There is no point for APS-C or Micro Four Thirds DSLRs because the mirrorless options just do so well. The industry is in a very curious spot right now; and with consumers grabbing more and more full frame options, it may be a really tough call at this point. That’s not to say that vision doesn’t count; it surely does. But with all due respect, clients often want to see a Canon or Nikon badge on your camera if you show up to a job; so there is some sort of, “looking the part,” that goes into this.

Luckily, $3,000 worth of lights can do it.

Let us know your thoughts below after reading David’s piece.