HoldFast Gear Announces Batman’s Utility Belt: Coins It the [Photo]Belt

HoldFast Gear is letting you take over the cape and cowl from Bruce Wayne by letting the overburdened photographer mount all their gadgets to their belt. The company has just announced the [Photo]Belt, that is a brand new piece of kit designed for the fashion savvy but still very serious photographer (like many of us in NYC.) Holding true to the aesthetics of all their products, this one is all leather and characterized by some serious holes along the line of the belt which then have metal wrapped around them to form eyelets. Using this system of holes, the photographer and then use the new [Photo]strap to attach items to the belt accordingly.

Matt Swaggart, the line’s creator, states that you can then hang lens pouches from your waist. I know that my roommate might attach a water bottle while I personally would keep a speedlite modifier around there like my ExpoImaging Ray Flash, an extra Rogue Flash Bender, or maybe even try to figure out a way to keep my Indispensible Wallet from ever leaving too far away from my pocket.

The company tells us that the belt is now available. Check out the extra product photos after the jump.


Chris Gampat

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