Kipon Developing Fully Coupled EF Adapter For Micro Four Thirds And NEX

It’s just an announcement so far, but if this comes true, it could be very awesome. Our friends over at 43rumors report that Kipon just announced development of a Canon EF adapter for NEX and MFT with full electronic coupling. Which means that you can use your Canon EF lenses on your mirrorless (non-Canon) camera with both autofocus and aperture control.

The obstacles that Kipon has to overcome in creating these adapter are probably pretty high, considering that communication between a Canon EOS camera and Canon EF lenses, and that between a Micro Four Thirds or NEX camera with their respective lenses is presumably very different. In order to make these adapters work, Kipon have to develop a solution that translates the NEX- or MFT-specific signals into signals the EF lens can understand — and vice versa. So they probably have to come up with a programmed chip in the adapter that does the translation work between lens and camera.

If they actually manage to pull this off, these would be the first adapters to allow full electronic communication between MFT or NEX bodies and non-system lenses. And a lot of users of these mirrorless cameras who are incidentally also users of EOS cameras will rejoice, because it means they won’t have to buy the EOS M in order to use their EF lenses on a mirrorless camera.

We will keep you in the loop if any news on these adapters surfaces.