Sigma Announces a New 18-250mm Multipurpose Zoom Lens

Right on the tails of the Nikon big zoom announcement, Sigma announces a new mega zoom of their own. Sigma is announcing their new 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM zoom lens.

The lens features a silent motor, stabilization and 1:2 macro abilities. The price is yet to be announced but Adorama has it priced at $499. At that prices its half of what the recent Nikon 18-300mm lens costs; it’s 50mm shorter, a stop dimmer at the tele end and has macro.

The lens is using Thermally Stable Composite material (TSC) which is only being used by Sigma. The company has this to say about the material: “TSC, which is incorporated into the lens barrel and is often compared to polycarbonate, has a high degree of elasticity and exhibits little variation in its structure in extreme temperature conditions. This means that internal barrel expansion and contraction due to extreme temperature variations is less prevalent” The material also allows the lens to be lighter than its predecessor, the previous lens was 22.2 ounces and the new lens weighs in at 16.6 ounces.

The lens is packed with fancy features and all the high end glass elements that you would want to help capture memories from up close or far away. If you can only own one lens these multipurpose zooms are the way to go.

The lens will be released in July of this year. Sigma has more information about the lens on their site here.

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