Nice Industries Launches KickStarter for The Aviator Travel Jib

Nice Industries launched a Kickstarter campaign for the New Aviator Travel Jib. This is a super light weight, compact jib. This jib is going to make it a lot easier for you to get the shots you need in areas you normally can’t take a traditional sized jib on the job.

Normally traditional jibs are big, cumbersome, heavy things that take up a good amount of area to set up and use. The Travel Jib will make your job easier because of it’s lighter weight, compact size, portability and affordability.


The Aviator Travel Jib weighs less than 3 3/4 pounds, while supporting cameras up to 6 pounds. It can extend from 24 inches to 6 feet in mere seconds. It comes with a fluid pan base which makes it compatible with almost any photo or video tripod head you may have in your arsenal. You can use this for any event possible: Weddings, extreme sports, documentary work, indie films, travel work, commercial and even the dreaded corporate video work. The only thing limiting you is your imagination.

Zeke Kamn, seasoned filmaker and creator of The Aviator Travel Jib is beyond super excited to get this jib in your hands to use. He’s got an excellent start. Some of his supporter’s include Philip Bloom, and Prolost’s Stu Maschwitz.

Nice Industries is offering a limited number of student discount editions for a mere $299. As well as a few kits available below retail for $399. All which you can only purchase through their Kickstarter page. A carbon fiber kit will be available as well for $799.

For more info, checkout the Aviator Travel Jib’s Kickstarter campaign page. as well as their main page for the product.