Gary Fong Gamma Diffuser For Sony

It’s been a while that I (a landscape photographer) has heard the name Gary Fong, but that doesn’t mean that they’re sitting still. Gary Fong is known for their flash accessories and diffusers, like the very hackable Lightsphere. They have just recently announced the Gamma Diffuser for the Sony HVL-F43AM and HVL-F58AM flashes.

The reason why the Gamma Diffuser is new is because Sony’s flashes are unique in the way that they rotate 180 degrees, so they are accommodate that.

Above is a video Gary himself showing off the new diffuser, he even holds the camera from the attachment to show how secure its attached. The point of the flash is to soften and spread the amount of light from the flash which results in a nice even image without extremely dark shadows.

The Gamma Diffuser is available for $29.95.  For more information on the new Gamma Diffuser, or to purchase any Gary Fong products, please visit

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