Questions With Terry Frechette: Director of Marketing Americas at Blackmagic Design


Recently, I had gotten a chance to talk with Terry Frechette, who is the Director of Marketing Americas at Blackmagic Design. My purpose was to try and ask a few questions about their very exciting, game changing camera: The Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Luckily, he graciously took a moment to answers my questions. Hit the jump for the full interview.

Thursten: Where do you position the BMCC in the market? Indie guys, people just starting out? Or every type of film maker?

Terry: The Blackmagic Cinema Camera was designed for anyone looking to do professional video shoots with a feature film look at an affordable cost. This includes a wide range of professionals; independent film makers, people shooting high end television commercials, episodic television programming, feature films, wedding videographers, etc..

Thursten: Are you planning any accessories for the camera besides the pistol mount? Perhaps an EVF?

Terry: Blackmagic Design is always looking to develop innovative products. But we do not discuss future products or plans.

Thursten: Are you working with any third party companies to produce any accessories?

Terry: We have not announced any partnerships with third party vendors producing camera accessories.

Thursten: As I’ve heard all SSD’s are not created equal. It comes down to the type of controller they use to manage the drive.  What brands of SSD’s would you recommend for this camera?

Terry: Here are the brands of SSD drive we have tested and recommend: OCZ 240GB Vertex 3, OCZ 480GB Vertex 3, Crucial 256GB C300, Crucial 512GB M4 (firmware 009), Kingston 64GB SSDNow V+100, Kingston 128GB SSDNow V+100, Samsung SSD 830 512GB.

Thursten: Are you going to allow customers to load custom dynamic range settings? Kind of like Canon does with picture styles (To clarify, the Technicolor cinema profile does allow the sensor to utilize a higher dynamic range than normal.)

Terry: Currently we do not offer that ability.

Thursten: What is the maximum recording time for the camera in raw and ProRes?

Terry: That depends on how large of an SSD drive you buy. Sorry, I maybe misunderstanding your question.

Thursten: Do you think you see the end of the HDSLR’s reign on the video market?

Terry: One of the things that Blackmagic Design doesn’t do is talk about competition or size up different markets/give deep thoughts on market future. We focus on talking about our products that exist now and our customers. Which means that we don’t answer some of the questions you asked, unfortunately.

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