A Call To Help Another Photographer: Selling a Car to Pay Bills

I’ve done this before on this site. As a young man that has built a blog with a large following that comes in each day, I believe that every now and then I need to do some good for the world and help others. That’s what this blog is all about.

We previously helped a man sell his Leica camera in order to pay for medical bills. And tonight, we’re featuring another photographer who needs to sell his car to pay bills. This photographer would love to stay anonymous and lives in the NYC/NJ area. If you’re interested in buying their car, shoot me an email at chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com and I will put you in contact. Hit the jump for the details.

Editor’s Note: I’m thinking of doing this each week. If you need help and have a story to tell us, feel free to shoot me and email. I will feature one each week.

2008 VW Rabbit. 5-speed, United Grey. 2-doors
Grey Cloth interior.  Original Owner, 52,xxx miles. Was in an accident before but was light body damage on door and front left quarter panel. Title is clean. Luck got the best of me later on, and I hit two parked cars one on each separate occasion. In the driveway of my parents house and another time with my brother’s car on the left rear. Car runs and shifts nicely. Could not afford to get body work done. 
Changed cabin filter every 6 months and than cleaned it with klima-klean. Which is an AC cleaner for the car. Looking for $8600. Negotiable. Serious offers please.