NYTimes will Supply its Staff Photographers with Lomography’s Holga Cameras

The NYTimes camera of choice.

In a recent press release, the New York Times announced that, due to budgetary concerns, it will now supply its staff photographers with Lomography’s Holga cameras and copies of Paint.net.

Recently, the New York Times said that it would cut its monthly online access to articles in half from 20 down to 10. All of this is in an effort to attract potential customers to its online subscription plans. There is a way around this if you have multiple devices with internet access. I know I have access to at least 30 articles with my phone, laptop, and desktop at home.

In another cost-cutting measure, the NYTimes will supply its staff photographers Lomo cameras and film.  This does seem counterintuitive. The Times will also require that its photographers make use of free editing software like paint.net. Adobe Photoshop CS5, it seems, is too expensive for them at the moment.

The press release states, “We have reached an agreement last month with Lomographische AG that will provide us with the Holga camera model. Regrettably, we can no longer provide our staff photographers with high-end DSLRs, and we understand that the aesthetic of our images will change.”

I can only imagine what campaign coverage will look like with the Holga aesthetic. “All the news that’s fit to print,” certainly has a different tone now that the Times has made this move.

The press release did not state when the photographic overhaul will take place. The New York Times did not return a request for comment.

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