Facebook and Apple Announce Joint Photographic Endeavor: the Duck Face Rendering Tool

The duck face.

Citing recent medical studies about the effects of physiognomic contortion on the face, Apple and Facebook have developed a new algorithm, the Duck Face Rendering Tool, which will automatically convert mirror shots taken with any iPhone to a “duck face” shot.

A survey of any of the major social networks will show that a great deal of the photographs uploaded to them from an iPhone involve the “duck face” more often than not. This is especially prevalent on Facebook where the duck face shots often involve a bathroom mirror.

Several studies have concluded that the facial strain from the duck face can cause lasting damage to the facial muscles. With this in mind, Facebook and Apple developed the DFRT.

The algorithm detects when a photo is taken in a mirror, and it will automatically convert the person’s face to a duck face. The person would have to take the mirror shot without any expression on his or her face. The DFRT will augment the necessary parts of the face to make it look as though the person had a duck face originally. There are two primary benefits: the integrity and health of the face is maintained and the duck face culture can still thrive.

There are no any plans to develop an Android-compatible DFRT, but this is not a huge concern since the majority of duck face shots are taken with iPhones. The DFRT will be available in an update from Apple later this month. There were bugs during the beta phase in which the DFRT accidentally superimposed a duck bill rather than augmenting the lips and eyes.

Both Facebook and Apple did not return a request for comment.

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